Women's Studies

Women of Destiny

Dr. Leslie McNulty has ministered to thousands of women around the globe.Women of Destiny book

In many communities women are active in ministry, business and their family; however, they have limited Biblical comprehension of what God thinks about them so we find women serving, giving, living, loving and yet not enjoying their faith, family and life.

In these conferences the women are led on a discovery of the value and depth of God’s love for them, their family, their nation and their church. Some of the topics include:

  • Women of Destiny Arise – a Biblical perspective on the significance of women in history which lays a foundation for righteousness, faith and liberty – crucial elements to Biblical self-esteem.
  • Four Women in the Genealogy of Christ – a fresh perspective on attitudes that keep women from fulfilling their destiny.
  • Overcoming 10 Objections to Our Self-Esteem – exposing archaic judgments resulting from sin and the fall of humanity.  Reframing these judgments in the light of redemption and releasing women to fulfill their destiny.
  • Women of the Harvest – four great messages of the New Testament entrusted to Women first.

Dr. Leslie is available to present these and other messages for women in 3-5 session formats or special 1-2 session formats for ministry leaders.

A sample of the material given at the conferences: