The Shores Institute – Biblical Foundations School


A ministerial training school offering a foundational Biblical curriculum of self-study courses.

Is there a burning desire within your heart to convey the Good News of God’s Word more effectively to those around you or possibly to distant souls? Is there an aspiration and interest in your heart to be a leader in advancing God’s kingdom? The Biblical Foundations School is designed to empower believers for leadership—guidance to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

This growing curriculum is shaped to produce active ministry, whether in pulpit ministry or in supportive roles in the local church – whether in your own community or on a distant mission field.

The Shores Institute also offers a growing curriculum of core Biblical studies. The S.I. Biblical Foundations School is tailored to provide foundational courses for the global needs of pastoral and ministry training. While addressing the unique spiritual requirements of ministerial preparation, these studies are also fashioned to inspire a personal depth and fire within the heart of every student, whether layman or minister. Strengthen your comprehension of God’s word for greater confidence in service with these courses:

The Shore Institute – Biblical Foundations School will ground you in practical skills and spiritual disciplines that will equip you for both ministry and life.


  1. 7 Pathways to Healing
  2. 12th Chair – The Believer’s Rightful Place
  3. Foundations for Miracles
  4. Healing Throughout History
  5. Hindrances to Healing
  6. Keys to Prosperous Living
  7. Redemption - God's Master Plan
  8. Worship, The Gateway to God