The Shores Institute – Biblical Foundations School


A ministerial training school offering a foundational Biblical curriculum of self-study courses.

Is there a burning desire within your heart to convey the Good News of God’s Word more effectively to those around you or possibly to distant souls?

NET Institute Addiction Training

NET Institute graduates

The NET Institute is an international training organization providing specialized online coursework and resources in counseling, addiction, prevention and recovery support.

Women's Studies

Women of Destiny

Dr. Leslie McNulty has ministered to thousands of women around the globe.Women of Destiny book

School of Evangelism

Welcome to the Shores Institute School of Evangelism!

The Shores Institute School of Evangelism  has grown out of Christian Adventures' extensive training efforts begun in 1998 to train missionary evangelists and teams for the Eurasian 100 Tent Project.  These training efforts are now referred to as Global Outlook, or GO-U.

Take a moment to see God’s vast world through the eyes of Drs. Kevin and Leslie McNulty as they have traveled the earth:

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