Featured Programs

School of Evangelism

Equipping you to reach the world with the love of God.

Women's Studies

Revealing the dignity of womanhood and the power of healthy self-esteem.

NET Institute Addiction Training

Equipping you with the knowledge and skills to help others enter the long-term recovery process. NTI aims to identify and encourage community-based and faith-based organizations/ networks from the grassroots level on up in order to provide critical services throughout the continuum of care in the substance abuse field.  http://www.netinstitute.org.

Biblical Foundations School

Is there a burning desire within your heart to convey the Good News of God’s Word more effectively to those around you or possibly to distant souls?  The Biblical Foundations School is designed to empower believers for leadership—guidance to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Entrepreneurial Studies

Empowering you to realize your dream through strategic planning, resource management and best business practices.

Report from Tent Factory in Eurasia

Watch a short video report from Eurasian Tent Factory

7 Pathways to Healing

Dr. Leslie McNultyDr. Leslie McNulty

We will explore seven simple principles that help you discover your pathway to healing.

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Foundation For Miracles

As part of the Biblical Foundations curriculum, the Foundation For Miracles course is both central and vital to a victorious Christian life as well as to your preparationfor ministry.  

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Keys to Prosperous Living

Dr. McNultyKeys to Prosperous Living

Prosperity is God’s plan for His people.  This course will help you find that place where you lack nothing and are able to give on every good occasion.

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Redemption - God's Master Plan

As part of the Biblical Foundations curriculum, the Redemption – God’s Master Plan course is valuable to both your personal life and to your preparation for ministry.

As a ministerial student you will find this study provides components necessary to your carrying the message of redemption to the lost and needy world.

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Hindrances to Healing

Despite the fact that God desires your healing, Jesus paid the price for your healing and God has a plan for your healing, there are still many obstacles to receiving fulfillment of God’s plan. 

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The 12th Chair

The 12th Chair

Without miracles it would be impossible to convince peoples of the world of a living Christ.  Christianity would become just one of many philosophies without the confirmation of truth that only the Gospel Come with us as we explore this miracle life that God has called us to. 

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Healing Throughout History

Healing Throughout History

Evidence of God’s willingness and ability to heal is spread throughout the bible.  As part of the Biblical Foundations curriculum, the Healing Throughout History course further emphasizes this vital aspect of a victorious Christian life and ministry.   

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Worship, The Gateway to God

Worhip, the gateway to God

This course is essential in preparing for ministry in any capacity. Whatever your cultural, ethnic or national background, and whatever avenue of ministry or personal service your future holds, a fervent understanding of worship is vital to completion of your spiritual mission.

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